Professionals for Professionals

To achieve such high levels, Primequal has selected Top Engineers in both the medical field and the Swiss watch industry.

By mixing these skills, Primequal is able to bring high precision and high reliability to its products. Primequal products always benefit from the latest technology available and the most advanced manufacturing process.

Design and Ergonomics

Primequal invests widely in design and ergonomics. All Primequal products benefit from a highly studied design and substantial ergonomic research and trials. Primequal manufactures professional devices and tools.

High tech products


Primequal is highly concerned by the pricing of its products.

Primequal brings an unequalled compromise between high technology and high quality tools and their cost.

Primequal has succeeded in bringing reliability and quality at lower cost and therefore to allow any dentist to be able to afford the best for his patients and in the quality of the treatment.