Preciquant™ Dental Implantology Anaesthesia

Dental Implantology

Sterile Insulation of cartridge

Benefits patients

  • Primeasepsis™ for best practice
  • Sterifullshield™ hard patient protection
  • Safer treatment

Benefits practitioners

  • No risk with contaminated cartridge
  • No risk taken with re-use process
  • Fast implementation

Safer than current syringes

World Leading Company

Primequal is a world leading company for medical and dental injectors. Primequal products are distributed worldwide under different brand names and products names. Primequal products always benefit from the latest technology available and the most advanced manufacturing process.

True Innovation

Primequal engineering is dedicated to bring innovative products to help both practitioner and client in a way that was never done before. All Primequal products are award winners within their field of application. Primequal is proud to invest in true innovation and to support practitioners in their daily work. Preciquant™ Implantology was born from a market need for a single use sterile syringe for dental Implantology. Preciquant™ Implantology has been designed by dentists for dentists with the help of opinion leaders and deep long lasting scientific investigation.

Intended Use

Preciquant™ Implantology is designed to be used anytime during the dental Implantology treatment when a local anesthesia recall is required to ensure a truely painless treatment.


Preciquant™ Implantology is using a hard sterile enveloping insulation shield for the anaesthesia cardridge named Sterifullshield™. It is the highest level of protection available in the world as it provides a physical non penetrable separation between a non sterile part and a surgical field.

Implantology Safer

Preciquant™ Implantology is designed to allow a safer local anesthesia for both practitioner and client. Re-use of a syringe requires so many steps that any one of them could fail and increase the risk of cross contamination. Sterile single use brings this risk to the lowest and only acceptable level: zero.


This safety label ensures the practitioner that the product that he is using is what technology and innovation can do best towards asepsis for a method or a device. Implantology requires a higher level of asepsis and due to the level of risk induced, it is required to use safer tools such as the Primeasepsis™ labeled Preciquant™ Implantology syringe to shrink the risk down to its lowest level for both practitioner and client.

Dentist Satisfaction

Preciquant™ is a wrist manipulated product. This increases flexibility and precision while diminishing arm weariness. Preciquant™ is intended to increase comfort and possibilities of use. Preciquant™ is designed for all sizes of hands. Preciquant™ Implantology thin nozzle is fully transparent to allow a better oral illumination.

Customer Satisfaction

Design alleviates patient anxiety and allows a high tech dentist to inject his patient with a high tech award winning safer injector.

Environnement Friendly

Most injecting devices are complicated, time consuming, product consuming and energy consuming to clean and sterilize. Preciquant™ is designed to have the lowest raw material weight possible and therefore to have the smallest environmental impact on both retreatment and destruction.

All our Preciquant™ delivery systems are adapted to the customer's needs and more specifically to the end user's usual practice. Feel free to contact us to submit your application.