Preciquant™ Talent BT

Talent BT

Benefits patients

  • Less Pain and more comfort
  • Safer and faster treatment
  • Consistent results

Benefits practitioners

  • Best practice available for patient
  • Automatic dose per dose delivery
  • Higher patient satisfaction

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Intended Use

Talent BT™ is an automatic single button pharmaceutical injection device developed to allow a safer, faster and repeatable dose delivery for botulinum toxin injections.

Technical Basis

Talent BT™ is similar to a 0.5 ml standard syringe and therefore does not change the practitioner's usual method and referential. Talent BT™ is designed to count audible clicks rather than visually count graduations on the syringe (Note: 1 graduation = 0.01 ml = 1 Click).


Talent BT™ innovative patented technology makes is possible to control the precision and repeatability of the dose simply and comfortably. Talent BT™ increases the success rate by removing the risks common to unit dosage and dosage symmetry.


Talent BT™ automatic single button operation allows a faster treatment. Needle-based treatments are not comfortable for the patient and at Primequal we think it is important to be able to reduce the overall time of treatment for patient comfort.

Higher performances

Dose precision concerns are ensured by the Talent BT™ patented system allowing the practitioner to concentrate fully on the treatment and to perform his injection skills as never before.

All Dilutions, All Toxins

Talent BT™ can be used with all Botulinum Toxins available and with any type of dilution. Talent BT™ is to be handled similar to a 0.5 ml with 0.01 ml graduations standard syringe.


Talent BT™ features the SmoothJect™, a patented pressure-control mechanism which ensures that the injection is painless. SmoothJect™ is highly appreciated by patients.

SmoothJect Injection Curve


AutomInject™ patented technology allows the Talent BT™ to deliver a precise dose each time you press on the lever. It has a fully automatic dose per dose delivery from the first to the last dose.

AutomInject™ produces a « click » sound after every dose, allowing the practitioner to effectively monitor the correct dosage: 1 click = 1 dose. The treatment is thus greatly simplified to a click based procedure.

AutomInject HowTo

Press and Wait

To take full advantage of the AutomInject™ patented system, (1) firmly press the lever all the way down. (2) Keep the lever pressed and wait while the dose is automatically released. (3) Release the lever after hearing a click.

1 Click = 1 Dose = 0.01 ml = 10 l.

No training required

AutomInject™ allows practitioners to perform right from day one an injection without any training, saving time and money and providing increased comfort to themselves and their patients.

Practitioner Satisfaction

Talent BT™ is a wrist-manipulated device that has been especially designed to reduce arm weariness. Talent BT™ is intended to increase comfort and possibilities of use while greatly reducing known risks of dosage. Talent BT™ is the most advanced and safest technology for botulinum toxin injections in the world.

Patient Satisfaction

Talent BT™ is based on the latest technology used in the pharmaceutical industry to provide a safer and faster injection. While increasing the quality and the regularity of the treatment, it also reduces the injection time and pain which is most welcome for patient comfort.

Talent BT

Proven concept and design

Talent BT™ is based on the multi award winning Preciquant™ technology. Preciquant™ technology is used to provide painless injection to children, metered dosing for specific injections and pharmaceutical drug delivery.

Swiss Made Pharmapack - Awards 2011 Reddot Design Award - Winner 2008

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