Preciquant™ Talent IH

Talent IH

Benefits patients

  • Less Pain and faster healing
  • Safer and faster surgery
  • Best practice available

Benefits practitioners

  • New level of surgical possibilities
  • Simple, safe and easy handling
  • Higher patient satisfaction

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Intended Use

Primequal™ TalentIH™ M.I.S. adhesive applicator kit is a groundbreaking cynoacrylate micro dosing delivery system developed to allow a safer, faster and solid bonding of surgical mesh.

Inspiring award-winning design

TalentIH™ is the first of a next-generation of adhesive applicator designed for surgeons to look into new, simple and reliable solutions to improve patient care and safety.


TalentIH™ is the world's first versatile adhesive applicator kit. This is because it can be used with multiple glues 1, it can fix multiple meshes and based on its cumulated skills, it will adapt to any situation.


TalentIH™ innovative patented technology controls the precision and recurrence of the micro dose simply and comfortably. It has the unique ability to produce a Contactless Delivery, administering a dose safely and precisely without being in contact with the mesh or the tissue.


TalentIH™ automatic single button operation enables a faster procedure, including Rapid Multipoint Delivery under time pressure. Micro dosing delivers a thin layer which is an accelerating factor for polymerization of the cynoacrylates.

Automatic dose per dose precision

AutomInject™ patented technology enables TalentIH™ to deliver a precise micro dose each time the lever is pressed. It is a fully automatic dose per dose delivery from the first to the last dose. AutomInject™ produces a « click » sound after every dose, enabling the surgeon to effectively monitor the correct dosage: 1 click = 1 dose. The treatment is therefore greatly simplified to a click based procedure.

AutomInject HowTo

No air bubble

TalentIH™ has been designed to ensure that no air bubble can disturb the procedure.

No wastage

TalentIH™ should be filled with the required dose for the surgery. Liquid path has been optimised to minimise dead space and wastage.

No training required

TalentIH™ enables surgeons to perform a precise delivery immediately without any training, saving time and money and providing increased comfort and precision for themselves.

Overpressure safety

TalentIH™ is equipped with an overpressure safety feature that will avoid administering glue incorrectly.


TalentIH™ is compatible with most cynoacrylates 1. Filling TalentIH™ is identical to filling a standard syringe, simple and fast.

Proven concept and design

TalentIH™ is based on the multi award winning Preciquant™ technology. Preciquant™ technology is used to provide painless injection to children, metered dosing for specific injections and pharmaceutical drug delivery.

Swiss Made Pharmapack - Awards 2011 Reddot Design Award - Winner 2008


AA-0012 : TalentIH™ Laparoscopic surgery kit

AA-0013 : TalentIH™ Open surgery kit

Information & videos

1 : Refer to Primequal list of compatible glues